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Rando_LGTM: Bringing Excitement to Code Reviews with Random Approval Words



Why I created it

Increased opportunities for review

Recently, I've had more opportunities to review work, which means I've also had more opportunities to give approval. When doing so, I've been using external services like LGTMeow - a LGTM image sharing service for cat lovers and LGTM GEN.

However, I've recently found it a bit of a hassle to access the browser and select images every time.

Return something nice at random!

Lately, I've been writing most of my code using Vim. If you're developing with Vim, you'll inevitably spend more time staring at the Terminal. That's when I had a revelation from above, "What if I could just hit a command and it would return a nice word at random...??" Thank you for the divine message?? I had been wanting to create a CLI tool around that time, so I thought it was a good opportunity to do so.


Narrowing down the features

I often give up on creating things, so I decided to create and release with the minimum features first. While I was creating it, I came up with various additional features I wanted, but I decided to put them in an issue and postpone them for now. This allowed me to complete it in about two days, which was great.

Easy to use

I try to use brew for apps and packages as much as possible to make it easy to switch Macs. When I decided to create it, I wanted to make sure it could be installed with brew, so I did some research. brew install rando_lgtm I was able to introduce it in the end. Furthermore, using GitHub Actions, I was able to update the Brew side version whenever I created a release tag. https://github.com/yossydev/rando_lgtm/blob/main/.github/workflows/main.yml

How to use it

Currently, there are only these two commands.

Future plans

Basically, I'll put any features I want to add in an issue. https://github.com/yossydev/rando_lgtm/issues At present, I want to implement the following three features

I plan to implement these at some point.


In my second year as an engineer, I was finally able to release my first OSS. I'm very happy that several people have already starred it since I announced it on Twitter. https://x.com/yossydev/status/1718566318046417362?s=20 Recently, I've been raising issues and leaving comments on OSS, and I feel that my activities are expanding. I will continue to do my best in the future!! Thank you for reading to the end!! ❤️🫡